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The Hospitality Leadership program will prepare you for a management career at convention sites, hotels, private clubs, restaurants, spas and tourism companies. The curriculum balances hospitality leadership courses with core business courses and incorporates five central themes:

  • Ethics
  • Globalization
  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
The purpose of focusing on these themes in many courses is for you to develop a sense of personal and corporate social responsibility, as well as an awareness of the larger world around you.

You will choose from five concentrations, in which you will take a series of courses starting your junior year:

  • Event Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Lodging Management
  • Non-profit Hospitality Leadership
  • Private Club Management
The event management concentration focuses on managing large-scale events, such as corporate meetings, tradeshows, product launches and customer events.
The food and beverage management concentration focuses on managing restaurants, contract food companies, catering, and bar and beverage organizations.

The lodging management concentration focuses on managing hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts and cruises. You will learn how to successfully operate an entire facility, including all of the sites within it, such as restaurants, bars, business centers and special event rooms.

The non-profit hospitality leadership concentration focuses on managing non-profit service organizations, such as soup kitchens, shelters, support centers and disaster relief organizations.

The private club management concentration focuses on managing private clubs such as athletic, country, golf and yacht clubs.

During your senior year, you will take a series of courses in a specific area of the hospitality industry. You may choose to specialize in one of the following:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality accounting and management information systems
  • Hospitality real estate
  • Leadership
  • Revenue management
  • Sales leadership
  • Virtual marketing
In order to gain real-world experience, you are required to complete two internships with different hospitality firms. The School of Hospitality Leadership, located downtown at DePaul's Loop campus, gives you access to industry-leading hotels, restaurants, event planning companies and private clubs for internships and post-graduate positions.

Internship Possibilities

  • Big City Bride
  • The Drake Hotel
  • Elysian Hotel
  • Global Trade Organization
  • Hilton Chicago Hotel
  • Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
  • Liven It Up Events
  • Navy Pier
  • Palmer House Hilton
  • Park Hyatt Shanghai
  • Petterino's
  • TravelClick

What can you do with this degree?

  • Advertising
  • Corporate administration
  • Customer services
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Retail management
  • Site management
  • Special events management
  • Travel planning