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A degree in Mathematics and Computer Science can be earned through both the College of Computing and Digital Media and the College of Science and Health. It combines courses from both fields of study and will prepare you for a profession in a variety of areas in computer science, graphics, data analysis, computer programming, and applied or discrete mathematics.

As a Mathematics and Computer Science major, you will take core courses in the following areas:

    •    Algorithms
    •    Calculus
    •    Computer science
    •    Computer systems
    •    Linear algebra
    •    Programming

You will then take a series of advanced courses in one or two of the following areas, depending on your career goals:

    •    Artificial intelligence
    •    Computational methods
    •    Computer vision
    •    Data analysis
    •    Graphics
    •    Theory of computation

Internship Possibilities

What can you do with this degree?

  • Consulting
  • Data analysis
  • Education
  • Information analysis
  • Programming
  • Software development
  • Systems administration