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Religion is a central element in how we discuss contemporary culture, politics, identity and conflict around the world. In the Religious Studies program you will gain an understanding of how religion impacts our political and social systems, explore and analyze religious dimensions of life and culture, as well as develop critical thinking and writing skills. 

As a Religious Studies major, you will acquire:

  • An understanding of significant elements of religion
  • The ability to make critical comparisons among religious traditions, experiences and practices
  • The ability to analyze and reflect on the meaning and impact of religious beliefs and practices
  • An understanding of the relationship between religion and other elements of society, such as power, social transformation and social justice
  • An aptitude necessary to read and critically interpret religious texts
The Religious Studies program offers five concentrations:

  • Standard
  • Jewish Studies
  • Religion and Culture
  • Religion, Ethics and Social Justice
  • Women’s and Gender Studies in Religion
Depending on your concentration, you may take courses in:

  • Contemporary moral issues
  • Feminist ethics
  • Islam in global contexts
  • Modern Judaism
  • Religion and culture
  • Religion and law
  • Religion and political conflict
  • Religion and politics in the Middle East
  • Religious ethics
  • Religious texts
  • Technology, ethics and society
  • Theories of religion and spirituality
Chicago is an international city, with Buddhists, Episcopalians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Sikhs and many other religious groups living here. You will have opportunities to learn first-hand about religious diversity by exploring Chicago and attending religious festivals, services, conferences and cultural events. 

Internship Possibilities

What can you do with this degree?

  • Education
  • Governmental work
  • Human rights
  • Immigration services
  • International relations
  • Law
  • Nonprofit work
  • Public policy
  • Travel services