Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

The Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse program is dedicated to studying the history and theory of literate activity. Strengthen your writing abilities, study the art of writing and speaking effectively, and explore how writing is used by various communities and cultures.

Because our lives are increasingly mediated by digital technologies that use writing to organize sound and image in interactive spaces, it’s important to understand how many relationships, from personal to professional, are bound up with writing.

Faculty members are published specialists in rhetoric, composition, cultural studies, technical and professional writing, and new media studies.

We also offer a combined bachelor’s/master's in Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse degree and a combined Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse/Master of Secondary Education in English degree. Both programs allow you to complete a bachelor's degree and a graduate degree in five years.


Sample Courses:

  • Style for writers
  • History of literacies and writing
  • Genre and discourse
  • Writing in workplace contexts
  • Rhetorical traditions
  • Ghostwriting
  • Digital writing
  • Digital culture
  • Visual rhetoric

Career Options

Common Career Areas:

  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Political/campaign writing
  • Lobbying
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Copywriting
  • Public administration


93 percent of 2014 Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse graduates were employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment after graduation.

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