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  • Mojdeh Bayat, PHD

    Interim Dean, College of Education


Mojdeh Bayat became a interim dean of the College of Education on Jan. 2, 2023. A professor of child development and early education, Bayat is an internationally known expert in the education and treatment of children with mental health issues and children with neurodevelopmental disorders. She joined the College of Education faculty in 2005.

Bayat previously served as director of early childhood education in the early childhood doctoral program and associate chair of the Department of Teacher Education. She has served as the chair of the Faculty Council’s Chapter Four Hearing Committee and, since 2019, as a member of the University Board on Promotion and Tenure.

She is deeply committed to promoting the educational rights and the quality of life of all children, particularly those who are at risk for developmental and mental health issues due to growing up with adversities, and/or due to neurobiological conditions. Bayat has advocated for children’s rights in West Africa and Mexico. Her research focuses on innovative and positive approaches to the education of children who deal with mental health issues and ongoing stress and trauma. She has developed a model, called Resilience-based Interaction Model, which is designed to promote well-being and positive mental and behavioral health in all children. She also has written several peer-reviewed books and articles.

Bayat earned a PhD in child development at the Erikson Institute, an MA in early childhood special education at Northeastern Illinois University and a BA in law and society from American University.