Room & Board

2017-2018 Lincoln Park Residence Hall Room Rates

Belden-Racine Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Suite $9,588
Double, Deluxe $10,773
Single, Suite $11,781​
Centennial Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Studio Apartment $10,275
Standard Apartment $11,454
Clifton-Fullerton Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Suite $9,588
Double, Deluxe $10,773
Single, Suite $11,781
Corcoran Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Regular $7,527
Single, Regular $9,798
McCabe Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Apartment, Efficiency $9,567
Apartment, Standard $10,542
Munroe Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Suite $9,588
Double, Deluxe $10,773
Single, Suite $11,781
Sanctuary Hall and Townhomes Fall, Winter, Spring
Apartment, Studio $10,275
Apartment, Standard $11,454
Apartment, Higher Occupancy $11,229
Apartment Townhome $11,613
Seton Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Regular $9,006
Triple, Regular $8,763
Quad, Regular $8,514
Sheffield Square Apartments Fall, Winter, Spring
Apartment, Standard $11,454
University Hall Fall, Winter, Spring
Double, Suite $9,588
Double, Deluxe $10,773
Triple, Suite $9,057​

Loop Residence Hall Option

The University Center (UC) offers the following apartment types that include a full kitchen: studio singles, four-bedroom/four-person with two bathrooms, and two-bedroom/four-person with two bathrooms. Residents in the apartment units are not required to purchase a meal plan.

In addition, the UC has traditional-style student housing, with quad semi-suites in which students are two to a room and four to a bathroom, and semi-suite deluxes, in which two students share a room and a bathroom. Residents in these units, which have no kitchen, are assigned a UC meal plan. The required meal plan can only be used in the UC building, but students can also purchase additional DePaul meal plans for use in DePaul campus buildings.

All residents are provided with a bed, desk and compartmentalized closet, with additional furniture where space permits. The UC features a laundry room, air-conditioning and a dining services area, as well as a fitness center and a covered rooftop terrace garden located on the third floor. UC residents have access to meeting rooms, music practice rooms and an art studio.

For 2017-2018 rates, visit the UC Web page or call (877) 482-2463.​

2017-2018 Dining Plan Guidelines and Rates

Dining plans allow students to use their DePaul ID card to purchase food items on campus. A variety of dining options are available at both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. Dining plans operate on a declining balance as purchases are made, just like a debit card. Remaining balances will continue to roll over from term to term as long as the student resides on campus in consecutive terms (except summer). However, any remaining balance will be forfeited on Friday, June 8, 2017, at 5 pm. Any leftover balance is not refundable. Also, all dollars remaining on dining plan accounts when residents vacate for one term or more shall be forfeited.

All residential students living in traditional campus housing are required to have a dining plan at specified minimums for each academic quarter. Students can choose from the dining plans (listed below). All first-year students are required to purchase a minimum of the DePaul Plan for the fall and winter quarters and may change their dining option to the Lite Plan during the spring quarter. All returning residents, not including first year students, must purchase a minimum of the Lite Plan for each quarter of the academic year. These guidelines apply for all those residing in traditional residence halls (Belden-Racine, Clifton-Fullerton, Corcoran, Munroe, Seton and University Hall).

Students residing in the university apartments (Sanctuary and McCabe) are required to purchase a minimum of the Apartment Plan each quarter. For students who commute or who are not required to have a dining plan, the Convenience Plan is an option. The cost is $150 and may be purchased quarterly. Students may also add money to this plan (or to any plan) at any time.

Please note: All students, including those living off campus or commuting, may add money onto their DePaul ID card at any time by going to Campus Connect, clicking on "Meal Plan Online," and following the directions. These added funds will allow you to dine at any location on campus that accepts dining plans. You can upgrade to a higher dining plan at any time by visiting the Lincoln Park Student Center, Office #303 or completing the Online Dining Plan Form.

Dining Plan 2017-2018 Quarterly Rate
Apartment $532
Lite (required plan, returning students) $1,015
DePaul (required plan, first-year students) $1,289
Red $1,471
Blue $1,645
Demon $1,856

Other 2017-2018 General Fees

Student Fees Amount
New Student Orientation (Freshmen) $225
Transfer Student Orientation $75
Student Activity Fee (per quarter for full-time undergraduates) $25
Athletic Fee $25

Health Plan (An optional cost, except for those living on campus.) Administered through Dean of Students Office (773) 325-7290.
Per Quarter $60
Per Semester (Law Students) $81
CTA U-Pass​
Undergraduate and Graduate​
Fall, Winter and Spring $90/quarter
Summer $84
Fall and Spring $145/semester
Summer $74
Law Fees​
Law Activity Fee $20
Law Journal $25
Loan Repayment Assistance Program $10
​​ The fee is calculated using the CTA's daily rate of $1.07 per day, plus a DePaul administrative fee of 4.9 percent. This may vary year to year, depending on the number of available CTA service days.

For information on eligibility requirements and fare change information, please visit the U-PASS website. ​

Please note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Visit the Student Financial Accounts website for more information. ​