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Career Success

Career Success

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Knowledge Rate

DePaul graduates are surveyed about their post-graduation destinations at graduation and six months after degree completion. Data are also gathered from public record via LinkedIn.

Results presented on this site represent a three-year average of data for graduates whose status was confirmed as of six months after graduation. In some cases, such as with newer programs, fewer than three years of data is presented.

Program List

Business (Master's)

Counseling (Master's)

Film & Television (Master's)

Interdisciplinary Programs

Modern Languages

School of Public Service (Master's)

Insufficient Data

There was an insufficient number of responses for this program/major. Please choose another program/major.

DePaul Grads are Ready to Succeed

DePaul offers you countless opportunities to do extraordinary things that make you stand out from the rest. Whether it's landing your ideal job or getting into your top grad school choice, we’ll help make it happen.

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Career Success Rate

Bachelor's Degree Recipients

Employed, continuing education or pursuing other goals within six months of graduation.

Learn by Doing

of graduates did an internship during their time at DePaul

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

employed in entrepreneurship, contract or freelance role

What DePaul Grads Earn

Salary data is self-reported by a subset of graduates who have chosen to share this information with us.

Min. Salary

Median Salary

Max Salary

Putting Degrees to Work

DePaul graduates leave the university prepared to succeed and achieve in a variety of fields. We are proud of the success achieved by DePaul graduates.

Where DePaul Grads Work

Here’s a sample list of employers who have hired DePaul graduates.

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Michael, DePaul Real Estate MS alum

What DePaul Grads Do

Here’s a sample list of position titles for new DePaul graduates.

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Top Employers Recruit DePaul Grads

Employers know that hiring DePaul means hiring graduates with hands-on experience who are ready to work and prepared for success


of the largest publicly held companies.


of privately held companies.


of the 'Best Places to Work'.


More than 350 organizations actively recruit DePaul students on campus each year for job and internship opportunities.

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