Home Sweet DePaul

Going to school at DePaul means living in Chicago (or very close if you're commuting). And Chicago has endless opportunities to play and learn. It's definitely big, but it's also known for Midwestern friendliness, a strong sense of community, and its ethnic diversity, food and culture.

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What's it really like to be a student here?

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Something for Everyone

With all of the student groups, activities and opportunities offered at DePaul, there's probably already a community waiting for you to join. And what doesn't exist is easy to create.

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We know you care. This is your chance to do something.

One way to prepare for life and work after college is to participate in service-learning, real-world experiences that bring classroom theory to life. Consider:

Better yet, take the lead.

Find your passion-project and make an impact on the issues that mean the most to you.