Professors Robinson and Jason

S.O.S for At-Risk Teens

Learn how our program helps at-risk teens reduce stress, anxiety and aggression.

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Professor Norstrom

Protein Puzzles

Discover how studying a protein may lead to curing and preventing Alzheimer's disease.

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Professors De Maio and Mazzeo

Global Health and Human Rights

Find out why researchers are working to eliminate health disparities around the world.

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Patty Gerstenblith

Above and Beyond

Dive into the field of art and cultural heritage law with center director Patty Gerstenblith.

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Marina Girju

The Big Deal about Big Data

Learn about the importance of Big Data from Marina Girju of DePaul's Driehaus College of Business.

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Thomas O’Brien and Scott Paeth

Business Ethics with Religious Sensibility

Two DePaul professors are bridging religion and business ethics in a new publication.

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Professor Bin Jiang

First Fellow

Bin Jiang, a management professor, talks about his decision to join DePaul in 2004 and his new role as the first Driehaus Fellow.

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Nan Cibula-Jenkins

Role Model

Nan Cibula-Jenkins’s impressive career in costume design brings invaluable experience into the classroom.

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Kelly Pope

Ethics Exam: When Ordinary People Commit Extraordinary Crimes

Kelly Pope and Rick Salisbury’s award-winning 2011 educational documentary provides a framework for examining ethical dilemmas.

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Jim Duignan

Taking Art to the Streets

Associate professor Jim Duignan’s Stockyard Institute has grown into a model for arts education over the past two decades.

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Windsor Aguirre

Gone Fishing

Today, Professor Aguirre’s evolutionary research sheds new light on the history of freshwater fishes.

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Lexa Murphy

Enabling Sustainable Change

Lexa Murphy and other DePaul University faculty hope to eventually work themselves out of their jobs fighting HIV and AIDS in Kenya.

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Matt Ragas

A Fair Fight

College of Communication professor Matt Ragas received a 2011 award for his dissertation studying parallels between the news media and corporations.

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Center for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Ahead Of The Curve

DePaul’s Center for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics links the university with industry partners and provides fantastic opportunities for its students.

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Suzanne Bell

Mission to Mars

Suzanne Bell discusses her research and how it is contributing to long-distance space exploration.

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Enid Montague

Health Informatics

Enid Montague discusses the Health Informatics program’s distinctive value.

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Nezih Altay

Supply Chains on Steroids

Nezih Altay discusses solutions to bring relief to devastated places and people.

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