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Online Degree Program Authorization Information

​​​Each state has its own unique rules and laws that govern a higher education institution's ability to offer online degree programs to students residing within its borders. State authorization requirements generally serve to ensure that college students who opt for online learning receive a quality education comparable to traditional teaching delivery methods. 
The Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of the General Counsel are jointly responsible for ensuring that DePaul University's online degree programs are appropriately authorized, exempt from authorization or otherwise in compliance with these various legal requirements.  

DePaul University currently meets all applicable state requirements to offer online degree programs in the United States and Washington D.C.

In addition to the university's obligations with respect to state authorization, DePaul is further required by Federal law to provide students with state-specific contact information for filing complaints. Please note that a list of contact information for each state's official or agency responsible for handling student complaints is provided in the section of DePaul University's Undergraduate Student Handbook and Graduate Student Handbook entitled "State Agencies."

DePaul University is a participating member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. ​​​