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Online Learning

Student at a computer accesses online courses at DePaul

Your degree may not be as far away as you think

Traveling to campus for class isn’t the only way to earn your degree at DePaul. If flexibility is what you need, consider taking online courses — or earning your entire degree — online.

For years, DePaul has invested in developing

  • Award-winning training for online faculty
  • Unique online curriculum
  • Digital learning tools

Online courses are small, just like those on campus, and your professors will interact with you one-on-one.

Online Degrees and Certificates Available at DePaul

Select your degree type and explore DePaul’s online degree options

*Degree can be completed online by transfer students.

Online Offerings

Earn your degree from anywhere in the U.S.

DePaul’s online programs are formally authorized or exempt from authorization in every state (and Washington, D.C.).

Online Courses

Each term DePaul offers hundreds of courses online. Log in to Campus Connect to search for current and upcoming courses.