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Immunization Exemptions

Under Illinois State Law, there are a few exemptions to the immunizations requirement, but proper documentation must be provided to indicate that a student qualifies:

Additional Exemptions

Distance learning students are exempt. This exemption expires at the end of each term and is reapplied as long as the student maintains distance learning-only status.

Students in certificate programs (i.e. IPD, CPA Review, etc.) are required to comply with immunization regulations unless:
  • Only enrolled for one term (quarter or semester, depending on the program)
  • Their classes do not meet at a DePaul University campus location

For More Information

Visit DePaul Central in person (at either of the following locations):

Lincoln Park Campus
Schmitt Academic Center (SAC), Suite 101

Loop Campus
DePaul Center, Suite 9100

Phone: (312) 362-8610

To view your immunization status and submit documents, log in to Campus Connect.

  • Current Students: Student Resources > Immunization Status
  • Admitted Students: Next Steps > Immunization Status

For more details, visit our FAQ section.