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Immunization Exemptions

Under Illinois State Law, there are a few exemptions to the immunizations requirement, but proper documentation must be provided to indicate that a student qualifies:

Please note:

  • Medical exemptions are only valid during the time frame indicated by the health care provider. When the medical exemption expires, the student will be expected to comply with the immunization requirements. To extend a medical exception, the student will need to complete and submit a new request.

Additional Exemptions

Distance learning students are exempt. This exemption expires at the end of each term and is reapplied as long as the student maintains distance learning-only status.

Students in certificate programs (i.e. IPD, CPA Review, etc.) are required to comply with immunization regulations unless:

  • Only enrolled for one term (quarter or semester, depending on the program)
  • Their classes do not meet at a DePaul University campus location

For more information

To view your immunization status and submit documents, use your BlueKey information to log in to Campus Connect.

  • Current Students: Student Resources » Immunization Status
  • Admitted Students: Next Steps » Immunization Status

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