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Exemption Grid

​​​Exemptions for the Placement Process

School/College Math Writing Modern Language
All Schools and Colleges (except for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies) Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB or BC score of 3 or higher AP English Language and Composition score of 3 or higher AP German, French or Spanish Language or Literature score of 3 or higher
  International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Math score of 5 or higher SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing score of 610 or higher AP Latin Literature or Vergil score of 3 or higher
  College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Calculus score of 50 or higher ACT Reading score of 20 or higher AND ACT English score of 24 or higher CLEP German, French or Spanish score of 50 or higher

All incoming freshmen are required to complete the math placement process. If you are submitting advanced placement or other sources of college credit, these credits will be evaluated and, if appropriate, applied toward your degree. While it may be possible that you would not need to take the course into which you placed, the placement results will aid your advisor in better understanding your mastery of concepts included in prerequisite math courses. This information will also be beneficial to you in your approach to your first term at DePaul as you can review math concepts that may present a greater challenge or those you have not studied for a while.

  • (1) SCPS does not exempt any students from taking the writing exam and does not require students to take a foreign language placement. School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) students who want to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language should read our form to learn more . In addition, SCPS BAIFA students are not required to take the math placement exam. SCPS BAGB, BAC and BADA students are required to take it.
School/College Math Writing Modern Language
Liberal Arts and Social Science (LAS), excluding Economics
Computing and Digital Media (CDM) and Science and Health (CSH), majors not requiring Calculus 2
Theatre (excluding BFA Theatre Management)

College Calculus, Quantitative Reasoning OR in some cases, certain Statistics courses with a grade of D or better Composition and Rhetoric II with a grade of C- or better 

Applies to ALL schools and colleges

Continued study in a language requires a placement test

Applies to ALL schools and colleges, except School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS)

LAS (Economics)
Theatre (BFA Theatre Management)
College Calculus with a grade of C- or better
College Calculus with a grade of C or better

Students transferring in math credit will be exempt from the Math Placement Process as outlined in the above grid. Transfer students who intend to inter-college transfer, to double major in another program, or to earn a dual degree in a different program with higher math requirements than the one outlined by their current primary major are urged to take the math placement test in order to measure readiness for the more rigorous math in store for them. Your transfer credit must be noted on your DePaul record for you to be exempt. All external credit should be sent to the Office of Admission.

  • (2) CSH and CDM majors requiring Calculus are: Actuarial Science, Allied Health Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Math/Computer Science and Physics.