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Math Placement Assessment

The math placement assessment is made up of 71 questions, divided into five sections:

  • Basic Algebra
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • Trigonometry

Getting Started

You may begin the Math placement process by using your BlueKey information to log into Campus Connect. Once you've logged into Campus Connect, choose the Admitted Student Homepage and select the Next Steps Tile. Select Placement Process and then click the Math Test button.

You have 200 minutes to complete your exam. Once you start the assessment your time will begin counting down. Only one problem will be visible on the computer screen at a time, but you will be able to return to questions (as long as you have not yet completed the section). All five sections of the exam will need to be taken in one sitting.

Note: Taking the pretest is required before you can start taking the regular tests. The 15-question pretest is similar to the regular test. The pretest score is not used to determine your course placement. At the end of the pretest, we offer links to additional (optional) practice tests.

Help to Prepare

The math placement process is meant to assess your current knowledge. However, you may want to review chapters from the math textbooks that you last used or use the links below as study guides.

Purplemath - ​Your Algebra Resource