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Additional Admission Requirements for Animation Majors

New students applying to enter the Animation BA or Animation BFA degree programs are required to submit a Creative Statement and a Creative Portfolio, in addition to the Common Application requirements for DePaul undergraduates.

Current DePaul students in other majors may switch to the Animation BA or Animation BFA with permission from an Animation faculty advisor.

Animation Admission Requirements

  • Creative Statement
    The creative statement should be one to one and a half pages in length, and address the following questions: What are your creative inspirations? Why do you want to study animation, and why are you applying to DePaul?
  • Creative Portfolio
    This is a collection of examples that demonstrate your creativity and interests. Your work will be evaluated more for its creative potential than on slick finish. No previous animation experience is required for acceptance (we can teach you that!)

Your portfolio should include one or more of the following: scanned images, photos, stories, and/or video.

  • Images/photos: Image or photo submissions should be kept to a total of 10-15 examples. These may include: drawings, comics, sketches, doodles, digital art, designs, photography, storyboards, cartoons, paintings, illustrations, character designs, 3D renders, etc. You can also include photos of your ceramics, costumes, sculptures, dioramas, sets, or puppets. These images may be scanned, or you can shoot them with a camera (or phone). Make sure to use bright, even lighting so we can see your work at its best.
  • Video: A video submission should be no longer than 3 minutes. This can be a short film that shows your creativity, imagination, composition, and storytelling. It can be shot on a phone or camera. You can also include animation of any kind, such as stop motion, hand-drawn, 3D, or computer, but animation isn’t required. If you’ve created highly creative custom content for games, such as Minecraft movies or LittleBigPlanet, or a game you’ve created by yourself or with friends, we encourage you to submit video capture or stills. If you worked on a team, please describe what parts you created.
  • Stories: Submissions of creative writing or screenplays, should be limited to 3 pages.

These items may be submitted through Blue Demon Domain (your application and next steps portal)