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Early Action Program FAQ

DePaul’s Early Action Program (EAP) provides a non-binding, accelerated path for students who prefer to receive their decision early in their senior year. Students who submit and complete their application by November 15 will receive an admission decision by December 15.

In addition to the accelerated timeline, students receive exclusive benefits by participating in the Early Action Program. As the first students to apply to DePaul, they will:

  • Receive the strongest consideration for academic scholarships
  • Have the chance to apply for additional community service and leadership scholarships
  • Register for Orientation and their first DePaul course with priority access

Students admitted under the Early Action Program are not required to commit to DePaul but should declare their intent to enroll by June 1.

Due to the 2024 FAFSA delays from the Department of Education, and to make sure everyone has enough time to consider their options, DePaul has pushed back this year’s decision deadline to June 1, 2024.

Apply Early Action

Frequently Asked Questions

All high school seniors who would like to take advantage of the EAP benefits, including receiving a decision by December 15.

Your admission decision will be based on your academic record and supporting documents, not on whether you choose to apply by November 15 or our regular decision deadline of February 1.

You will have access to additional scholarships for which you can apply.

If you have completed your application and have not heard by December, please reach out to your DePaul admission counselor to confirm we are not missing any information. You may contact them by logging into your Blue Demon Domain or by exploring our counselor finder tool.

Yes. In order to receive your decision by December 15, we must receive all your documents by November 15.

Your admission decision may be delayed; we will need all of your materials in order to complete the review.

Apply now and reach out to your admission counselor to let them know your specific situation. You can find their information in your Blue Demon Domain after you apply or by visiting our counselor finder tool.

This is totally fine! You can choose to be “undecided” in the college you may be interested in. This is something we can easily update once you have decided.

If you submit and complete your application to DePaul by November 15, you will receive a decision by December 15. Right before the holidays!

Not necessarily; it is an option for students who like to take action early and get a faster response. By doing so, they will receive the added benefits listed above, as well as the ability to plan ahead when considering colleges.

If you know you want to apply to DePaul, there’s really no reason not to apply early!

Yes! If you do decide to come to DePaul, you will be able to take advantage of the EAP benefits. If you find another school to be a better fit, our EAP program is non-binding.