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The DePaul Cohort Program

You'll join a cohort for this program, which means you'll be part of a collaborative learning group or a “team of academic colleagues.” You’ll learn, solve problems and build relationships together. 

Cohort Program Benefits

Benefits of our cohort program include:

  • Starting and finishing the degree program together. You'll develop a solid network over an extended time where you'll also have the consistent support of your colleagues.
  • Establishing life-long relationships. You'll establish a vital professional network that you'll carry throughout your career.
  • Sharing similar goals. Specific roles, talents or interests of the cohort members often vary, which gives each cohort its own profile and personality.
  • Scheduling your courses for the entire degree program. You'll be able to easily plan your commitments and manage your schedule.
  • Being taught by DePaul faculty. Our faculty members have extensive experience teaching working with adults like you. And they recognize that as a working professional, you need to balance the demands of home, work and school.
  • Making your DePaul degree more affordable. You will complete half of the degree at Harper's tuition rate and the other half from DePaul with special University Center pricing, resulting in a more affordable bachelor's degree from a private university.
  • Belonging to the DePaul network of more than 210,000 alumni.

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