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Transferring Your Courses

As you plan to transfer, use these tools to help you plan coursework and determine how credits are applied to your degree requirements at DePaul. These resources help make the course transfer process as simple as possible.

View our Transfer Resources Tutorial on YouTube for instructions on using these tools.

Transfer Guides

Illinois community college students, use this tool to determine how courses at your current college can be applied to degree requirements for your major at DePaul.

Generate a list of DePaul degree requirements and the courses that meet those requirements at your community college. Gain a better understanding of how credit transfer will work for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and its effect on colleges and universities, we will be amending the DePaul Transfer Credit Policy for credit earned in Spring, Summer and Fall 2020 to allow transfer credit with ‘P’ grades to also count towards a student’s major or minor, as well as WRD 103 & 104 (English Composition I & II). While Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 ‘P’ grades will be accepted for transfer to DePaul, there may be other reasons that students still want to receive a letter grade for a course (teacher licensure, graduate school requirements, etc.)

Use Transfer Guides

Course Lists

College or university students anywhere in the world, use this tool to determine how courses at your school can be applied to Liberal Studies requirements at DePaul or transfer to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Generate a list of pre-approved courses, their exact equivalent course at DePaul and find out which Liberal Studies/General Education requirement the class meets for DePaul.

Use Course Lists


Transferology is a nationwide tool that gives you detailed information on which colleges and universities will accept your coursework and how your courses will apply to a program. It will give you quick answers on how your college credits will transfer to DePaul.

Set up an account, add your coursework, and get your results immediately.

Use Transferology

Recommended Courses

Some colleges at DePaul recommend you take certain courses prior to transferring.

Find your recommended courses

Credit by Exam

Have you taken any exams for college credit? DePaul awards credit for Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program and International Baccalaureate exams.

Learn which exams DePaul accepts

Transfer Articulation Center FAQ

Need help understanding what your posted credits mean, transfer codes, why you didn’t receive credit, etc.? The Transfer Articulation Center (TrAC) at DePaul determines the transferability of your coursework and oversees your course credit.

See TrAC’s list of frequently asked questions