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Recommended Courses

There are no requirements for courses you must take prior to enrolling at DePaul. In order to provide the best transfer process for you, a few of our colleges recommend that you take specific courses prior to transferring to avoid loss of credit.

The admission requirements for transfer applicants are based on the college you are applying to. Students must meet these cumulative grade point average minimums for consideration.

  • An entire sequence of Biology courses — rather than one course in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • An entire calculus course sequence prior to enrolling, following two years at a community college
  • All pre-calculus courses prior to enrolling, following one year at a community college

To ensure your ability to enroll in business classes upon arrival at DePaul, consider taking the following prior to transferring:

  • One year of composition (strongly recommended)
  • Business law
  • One semester of business calculus (strongly recommended)
  • Business statistics
  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics

The School of Music and The Theatre School accept transfer applications, but few transfer students are admitted to either school due to their highly competitive nature. All courses that apply to majors must be completed at DePaul.

For specific information about transferring and course recommendations, contact the School of Music at (312) 325-7444 or The Theatre School at (312) 325-7917.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is designed for adult students and uses competence-based curriculum for degree programs. You may earn an individualized degree or a joint degree that includes courses from SCPS and other colleges at DePaul.

For information about how previous coursework or life experience can apply to your SCPS degree, contact the SCPS Admission Office at (312) 362-5551 or attend an information session.

If you are uncertain as to which major you are going to pursue, follow DePaul's Liberal Studies Program — the general education requirements for all undergraduate students at DePaul.

Important Notes

The number of courses that can be transferred to DePaul is limited. You may transfer a maximum of:

  • 66 semester hours/99 quarter hours from two-year institutions
  • 88 semester hours/132 quarter hours from four-year institutions

Complete sequence-based courses at the same institution. Transferring prior to completing a sequence could result in loss o​f credit.