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Coursework Preparation: Information Technology (BS)

DePaul University and Harper College have created a partnership to provide degree programs popular at both schools to students on Harper College’s campus through Harper’s University Center.

As an Information Technology major, you should complete the associate degree or the IAI - General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) and a few introductory courses in Information Technology at Harper College. After beginning DePaul’s cohort program, the majority of classes you'll take will be Information Technology courses.

BS in Informational Technology

The BS-IT is a good fit for you if have completed courses and programs in computer technology at Harper, or similar courses at a different school. This program does not require you to have completed a degree in IT to progress onto the DePaul cohort program.

You should complete CIS 106 Computer Logic & Program Technology at Harper College, or an equivalent course at another school prior to enrolling in the DePaul cohort sequence.

After completing your studies at Harper, you'll complete approximately 24 courses in:

  • information technology
  • information systems
  • an experiential learning and capstone course
  • general education and elective courses

You will need to earn 192 quarter hours for a DePaul’s bachelor degree which you will have, or be very close to having, after completing these courses.

Each Term One DePaul class will meet at Harper in a weekly three-hour class session, with a second class being held online.

We recommend that you speak with your advisor to create a degree plan specific to your interests and needs.