Appeal Financial Aid Suspension

If you have been suspended from financial aid because of failure to meet the minimum SAP requirements, and you feel that severe or unusual circumstances have kept you from making progress toward your degree, you may appeal. 

To appeal, you must submit an online written appeal in Campus Connect. Your appeal should include all of the items below. Additional documentation may be requested by the committee in the review process. Appeals must be submitted by the seventh week of the term for which you are seeking reinstatement. Exceptions are made only on an appeal basis and not retroactive once the term has ended. Please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQ​ for specific dates.

  1. You must explain the circumstances that kept you from meeting the satisfactory academic progress standards in the past.
  2. You must explain what has changed that will allow you to be successful in the future. Include as many specifics as possible, including your anticipated academic program completion date and the estimated number of hours remaining for your degree or aid-eligible non-degree graduate program.
  3. You must meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plan of action. You will need to request your advisor to complete an online SAP advisor support form, or you may print the Academic Advisor Support Form from our website and request that your academic advisor complete the statement when you meet together.

Additional appeal requirements for undergraduate students who exceed the maximum timeframe: If you are an undergraduate student who is nearing or has exceeded the maximum timeframe for undergraduate study, you will need to provide additional documentation in your appeal. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid​ counseling staff for assistance.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Process

Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals are reviewed within 14 days, provided that all necessary documentation is received. You should receive an email with the outcome of your appeal within 14 days of your submission of a complete appeal.

Financial Aid Probation/Academic Plan: Terms Following Suspension

A successful appeal for reinstatement after a financial aid suspension will result in the following:

  1. A probationary term in which specified term requirements must be met;
  2. An additional two monitoring terms, at the end of which you will be expected to be fully meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, both in terms of GPA and completion rate. These monitoring terms are referred to as Satisfactory Academic Progress Term 1 and 2 (SAP Academic Plan 1 and SAP Academic Plan 2).