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Transfer Articulation Center FAQ

DePaul’s Transfer Articulation Center (TrAC) reviews your files, undergraduate coursework and determines its transferability to DePaul — posting credits to your record.

If your courses are not appearing in the Course Lists tool, you may submit a request for course review.

Submit your courses for review

Understanding Your Posted Credits

The majority of your coursework will be posted to your record within a week of your admission to DePaul. However, depending on when you applied, some courses may not be posted to your record until the end of your first quarter.  
  • TRNS: You will receive credit for your course, but it won’t apply specifically toward any school or college at DePaul.
  • 4RVW: A faculty is evaluating whether this course is equal to one at DePaul. You will receive transfer credit for all courses that are listed as 4RVW regardless of whether or not the course meets a specific DePaul equivalency. You may need to provide a syllabus in order for a decision to be made. View the specific 4RVW documentation requirements here.
  • No Rule: No action has been made and additional information may be necessary. If you see "No Rule" in the early stages of your admittance into DePaul, chances are that the course has yet to be reviewed. If you see that a course is "No Rule" after a majority of your courses have been posted and you are currently attending classes at DePaul, chances are there is information missing that you need to provide. Review your Transfer Credit Report in Campus Connect for additional information on what may be required by you in order to make an articulation decision.
  • Rejected: TrAC has determined that the course is either not comparable to the academic objectives of DePaul University or is not a course we accept in accordance with the DePaul University transfer policies. No credit will be awarded. 
When a course you’ve taken does not match up to a DePaul course, but we find it is transferable and applicable to a specific DePaul department, we will make the course transferable into that department (in this case, ART) based on the level of the course (in this case, 200), and whether the course is transferable to DePaul’s Liberal Studies program.

This means that a 200-level Art course may also be applicable to the Arts & Literature General Education requirement and be listed on your record as a general 200-level course that satisfies a Liberal Studies program requirement.  
TrAC looks at several factors when determining whether or not a course will count as a Liberal Studies course. The most important factor is how closely the course meets the goals and objectives of DePaul’s Liberal Studies program and, specifically, the goals and objectives of the Common Core or Learning Domain requirements.

At DePaul, Liberal Studies courses and Learning Domains are the same as “general education” courses.  

Transfer Course Lists

No. If the institution you are attending or previously attended is regionally accredited, we will accept courses provided they meet our requirements.  
Not necessarily. We will review all of your courses and determine which ones will transfer to DePaul based on our requirements.  

Repeating Courses

No. Regardless of any circumstance, the final attempt at taking a course is the only attempt that is eligible to earn credit.  
No. Petitions of re-reviews do not guarantee a course will be transferred to DePaul. No refunds are given for courses accepted under a re-review. Regardless of any circumstance, the final attempt at taking a course is the only attempt that is eligible to earn credit. And you cannot earn multiple credits for a course that is not considered repeatable in accordance with the University Catalog.   

Placement Tests

Review the Test Exemption Grid to see whether or not you’ve satisfied all of the requirements that will exempt you from taking a placement test.  

Transfer Credit for Current Students

Complete this form if you are a current student and plan to take courses at another institution (e.g., summer courses at a community college or a non-DePaul study abroad program).

If you are studying abroad on a non-DePaul program, upload the completed form to your Transfer Credit Application to Study Abroad.

More Questions?

If you have questions about how courses apply to your major, time it will take to complete your degree or how to transfer into another school or college at DePaul, please wait until you’ve completed orientation. If you’ve already attended, contact us:

        Facebook: TrAC

*Note: If you have questions about the transferability of graduate level coursework toward a graduate degree program, please contact the individual graduate program you’re looking to transfer to for more information. TrAC only determines the articulation of external undergraduate coursework.