Combined Degrees

Earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in less time

DePaul University offers hundreds of combined degree options​

DePaul’s combined degree programs let you earn two degrees at once. The courses you take are the same as those in regular degree programs, but the pace is different.

You’re likely to carry a larger course load and put in longer hours than your classmates earning one degree at a time, but there are some serious benefits.

What's the benefit of combined degrees?

  • Earn two degrees in about five years, rather than six or more.
  • It costs less. Save on the cost of tuition for an entire year.
  • Start graduate school early. Take advanced courses sooner in a field you're passionate about.
  • Start working earlier. By completing your degrees in an accelerated amount of time, you can start working and earning an income sooner.
Explore undergraduate degrees

A number of graduate degrees can be combined with any undergraduate major to create a five-year combined degree program.

Learn more about graduate programs​​