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Combined Degrees

Earn both your undergraduate and graduate degrees – saving you money and time

Is graduate school part of your plan? It is for many of our students. Consider getting a combined degree here at DePaul.
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Benefits of Earning a Combined Degree

Shorten Your Time in School

DePaul’s combined degree program allows you to earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in about five years (rather than the traditional six or more). 

You’re able to do this because some of the courses you’ll take during your senior year will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. So you'll go seamlessly from your undergraduate classes right into your graduate coursework.

Save Money

Once you earn your bachelor’s degree at DePaul, you'll receive the Double Demon Scholarship. So with the scholarship – plus the graduate courses you took during your senior year – you'll save about 40 percent on tuition for your master's degree.

Enhance Your Career Path

With both your bachelor's and master's degrees, you'll stand out among your peers with your additional educational credentials – giving you a leg up as you begin your career.

Choose From Hundreds of Degree Options

A number of undergraduate majors can be combined with graduate programs to create the combined degree that's right for you

If you're interested in pursuing a combined degree, we recommend you discuss your options with your academic advisor, usually at the beginning of your sophomore year.

A few of the unique degree paths our students have chosen include:

  • an Economics major pursuing a graduate degree in Sociology
  • a Health Sciences major pursuing a graduate degree in Nursing
  • an Information Systems major pursuing a graduate degree in Business Information Technology
  • a Media and Communication major pursuing a graduate degree in Health Communication
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