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Liberal Studies Program

​Undergraduate Core Curriculum

The Liberal Studies Program is DePaul’s core curriculum. Liberal Studies courses are the heart of a comprehensive education on and off campus. In DePaul’s LSP, you will have opportunities to learn subjects beyond your major field of study, work with organizations off campus, and even find ways to create impact in the world.

First-Year Program Courses

  • Chicago Quarter: Get acquainted with Chicago and its neighborhoods, cultures, and issues.
  • Focal Point Seminar: Investigate a significant person, place, event or idea.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Become a confident and critical user of quantitative information.
  • First-Year Writing: Develop methods and forms of college writing.
  • Seminar on Race, Power and Resistance: Gain a critical perspective on the historical roots of inequality.​
  • Experiential Learning: Learn by doing through an internship, research*, study abroad, or service learning.
  • Capstone: Create a final project of your own design or extend your research in your major field(s).

*College of Science and Health students may satisfy their Experiential Learning requirement by completing research courses.

Learning Domains

In addition to the Common Core, Learning Domain courses offer you a chance to explore topics beyond your major. In domain courses, you will study topics that complement your major, encounter new subjects, and connect to diverse communities.

  • Arts and Literature
  • Historical Inquiry
  • Math and Computing
  • Philosophical Inquiry
  • Religious Dimensions
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Social, Cultural and Behavioral Inquiry