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Core Curriculum

Undergraduate Core Curriculum

DePaul’s core curriculum — the Liberal Studies Program — is more than a “Gen. Ed.” requirement. We want to take you outside of the classroom and into the city (or even to another country) and connect your coursework to the real world.

Courses Required for Each Year of Study

All undergraduate students are required to complete the program, which has more than 1,400 course options — emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.


  • Chicago Quarter: Get acquainted with Chicago and its neighborhoods, cultures and issues.
  • Focal Point Seminar: Investigate a significant person, place, event or idea.
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy: Become a confident and critical user of quantitative information.
  • First-Year Writing: Get up to speed with the methods and forms of college writing.

Sophomore Year

  • Seminar on Multiculturalism in the U.S.: Gain a critical perspective on the historical roots of inequality and the lasting effects of oppression.

Junior Year

  • Experiential Learning: Learn by doing through an internship, research*, study abroad or service learning.
    *College of Science and Health students may satisfy their Experiential Learning requirement by completing research courses.

Senior Year

  • Senior Capstone: Create a final project of your own design.

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