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American Studies

​American Studies examines the breadth and diversity of the American experience. It is an interdisciplinary field that integrates the study of literature, history, geography, media, politics, popular culture, art and religion in order to critically analyze American society, culture, institutions, and intellectual traditions. You will be encouraged to question what constitutes American culture, and how cultural expressions reflect and reveal American values, beliefs, prejudices, pleasures and perceptions.


Sample Courses:

  • The American Experience
  • Urban Politics
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • The Material Culture of Modern America
  • Archeology of Cities
  • American Economic History
  • Urban Planning
  • American Popular Culture
  • Journalism Law and Ethics

Program Concentrations/Tracks:

  • Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Material Culture and the Built Environment
  • Politics, Institutions and Values
  • Popular Culture and Media Studies
  • Social and Literary Movements

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Career Options

Common Career Areas:

  • Public policy
  • Social service
  • Political work
  • Education
  • Historic preservation
  • Art conservation
  • Governmental work
  • Urban planning/development
  • Community leadership


91 percent of 2017 American Studies graduates were employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment after graduation.

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