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A class discussion among theatre students.

A unique program for aspiring dramaturgs and critics

The Theatre School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program in Dramaturgy/Criticism—the only one of its kind in the United States—will hone your critical-thinking and writing skills for a variety of roles within theatre and other art forms. Dramaturgy majors develop skills in script analysis, dramatic theory and new play development.

This program exposes you to both the broad-based education of a liberal arts program and the hands-on training of a conservatory. As a dramaturgy major, you will gain additional experience through educational outreach programs in museums, community centers and schools.

You will learn from a distinguished and award-winning faculty of professional dramaturgs, critics, literary managers, directors and arts writers both in the classroom and through individual guidance and advising.



  • Dramatic Theory
  • Ethical Decision Making in the Theatre
  • History of Dramatic Literature
  • Script Analysis
  • Theatre Crew
  • Theatre Studies

Career Options

Common Career Areas

  • Broadway production
  • Criticism
  • Directing
  • Film production
  • Literary management
  • Playwriting
  • Production dramaturgy
  • Television production
  • Theatre history
  • Workshop educator​​

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