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Music Education

The Music Education program prepares you to teach music in kindergarten through 12th grade in a variety of urban and suburban education settings, including public and private schools.

In the program, you’ll acquire:

  • An understanding of educational theories
  • The ability to use rehearsal techniques, principles and strategies for teaching voice, instruments and ensembles
  • A familiarity with appropriate literature for various levels of orchestra, band, chorus and music classes

Prior to graduation, the School of Music's Office of Career Planning and Placement will work closely with you to prepare a file that will be used in your job application process. Upon graduation, you will receive the Illinois K-12 Music Teacher Certification.


Sample Courses:

  • Accompanying
  • Clinical Experiences with Children and Youth
  • Conducting
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Instrumental Methods and Lab
  • Instrumental Techniques
  • Music Methods and Lab
  • Vocal Methods and Lab

Career Options

Common Career Areas:

  • Choir director
  • College/conservatory/university music educator
  • Elementary/primary school music teacher
  • Music education supervisor
  • Private instructor
  • Secondary school music teacher

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