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Projection Design

The Projection Design program offers you the opportunity to create, manipulate and display digital and moving images for live performances and events.

You’ll learn to visualize, create, and implement their designs by collaborating with directors, dramaturges, technicians, other designers and our professional production staff. You’ll also work as a projection designer for workshops and public productions by The Theatre School.

In the fourth year of the program, you will do an internship in the projection design industry in order to gain real-world experience. At the end of your fourth year, you will have the chance to take part in the annual Graduate Showcase, where you will present your designs to artistic directors and other members of the theatre, film and television industries.


Sample Courses:

  • Introduction to Visual Effects
  • Lighting Design I
  • Photoshop for Designers
  • Principles of Design
  • Scene Design I
  • Technical Drawing I

Career Options

Common Career Areas:

  • Event design
  • Commercial set design
  • Movie set design
  • Television set design
  • Theatrical production design

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