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Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts
Theatre students warm up during class.

Explore a variety of theatrical disciplines

The Theatre Arts program curriculum will help you develop crucial skills and give you the flexibility to learn across a variety of theatrical disciplines, such as directing, arts writing, educational outreach, literary management, arts administration and law.

As a theatre arts major, ​you’ll choose from three concentrations of study:

  • Standard Concentration: You’ll work with an advisor to develop a curriculum tailored to your personal interests in theatre arts.
  • Directing Concentration: Take coursework in directing and work as an assistant director for The Theatre School’s public productions and other independent projects.
  • Theatre for Young Audiences Concentration: Study dramatic literature for young audiences, and take courses focusing on educational outreach, the role of artists as teachers, and teaching techniques. You’ll be prepared to work in education departments of theatres and in social programs.

Theatre arts students learn from a distinguished and award-winning faculty of professional directors, arts administrators, playwrights and arts writers both in the classroom and through individual guidance and advising.



  • Script Analysis
  • History of Dramatic Literature
  • Directing
  • Dramatic Criticism
  • Design Workshop
  • Performance Workshop


  • Standard
  • Directing
  • Theatre for Young Audiences

Career Options

Common Career Areas

  • Arts administration
  • Arts writing
  • Directing
  • Educational outreach
  • Literary management
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre management

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