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Theatre Technology

Theatre Technology
A theatre technology student uses equipment during class.

Become an expert in theatre technology

The Theatre School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) theatre technology degree will train you in the execution and realization of a designer’s vision. As a Theatre Technology major, you’ll collaborate with designers and other technicians to create the set, props, light, and sound for theatre and entertainment productions.

In the Theatre Technology program, you’ll be trained to execute the realization of a designer’s vision working as a technical director, rigger, draftsperson, props artisan, scenic carpenter, and theatrical craftsperson.

The program simulates a theatrical technician’s professional experience and process. You’ll learn to translate creative designs into technical plans in order to create the actual physical structures for performances. As you prepare for your theatre technology degree, you’ll also collaborate and problem-solve with directors, designers, and other technicians to create the set, props, and physical environment for theatre and entertainment productions.

Learn from a distinguished and award-winning faculty of professional technicians, artists, and designers both in the classroom and through individual guidance and advising.



  • Construction and Rigging
  • History of Dramatic Literature
  • Principles of Design
  • Production Management
  • Technical Drawing
  • Theatre Crew

Career Options

Common Career Areas

  • Automation technician
  • Commercial scenic production
  • Craftsperson
  • Production manager
  • Project manager
  • Props artisan
  • Props master
  • Rigger
  • Scenic carpenter & welder
  • Technical director​​

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