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Repay Your Student Loans

As you plan your educational financing, think ahead to when you will begin repaying your loans: How much will your monthly payments be? When will they begin? How long will you be making them? Thinking realistically about your student loan borrowing can help you make decisions now that will allow you to manage your loan repayment later. We encourage you to use Federal Student Aid’s very helpful Repayment Estimator to gain an understanding on the relationship between loan repayment and your anticipated resources after graduation. Get to know the many Direct Loan Repayment Plans.

We have partnered with Student Connections to make the repayment process easier for you. Contact them with your loan repayment questions.

Still have questions?

We're here to help you with the fundamentals of responsible borrowing and debt management. Visit the Financial Fitness Program site for financial management tools and techniques that will help you in college and beyond, or contact a financial aid counselor for assistance.