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Chemistry Placement Test

You are required to take the Chemistry Placement Test before you can enroll in the first quarter of a general chemistry sequence. If you are considering a major that requires General Chemistry (Biology, Chemistry, Health Sciences and Environmental Science), are interested in a health-related career, or are in the Post-baccalaureate or Pre-health Program, you should take the Chemistry Placement Test.

The 20-question test is a timed, 30-minute exam. The Chemistry Department will use your test results to determine the appropriate general chemistry course for you.

You may begin the Chemistry placement process by using your BlueKey information to log into Campus Connect. Once you've logged into Campus Connect, choose Self Service > Admission > Next Steps > Placement Process (undergrad) and then click the Chemistry Test button on the Online Placement Process screen. (If the Chemistry Test button is grayed out, then you have already pressed the button.)

Note: Taking the pretest is required before you can start taking the regular test. The 13-question pretest is similar to the regular test. The pretest score is not used to determine your course placement. You may take the pretest as many times as you would like.