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Throughout the financial aid process we will contact you to let you know the status of your application and awards. While there will be instances when we send paper notifications to your mailing address, most of our notifications are sent directly to your preferred email address.

Update your preferred address and email in Campus Connect through your Profile tile.

Using Campus Connect

Campus Connect is your online portal to the university. Within Campus Connect you'll find:

  • Financial aid award information
  • Class schedules and registration
  • Tuition balances and due dates

DePaul's Office of Financial Aid uses the Task tile within Campus Connect to communicate holds and to-do items with all financial aid applicants.

By checking these messages you'll know if we need something from you to process your financial aid application or what your next step is to secure financial aid. We'll also email you whenever we post new messages to your Hold and To-Do Summary.

View your financial aid award offer through the Financial Aid tile in Campus Connect. Use the "View My Financial Aid" menu item to review, print, accept or decline your financial aid offers.

For information about obtaining or updating your Campus Connect login, please visit the "Current Student" information page, and click the "Campus Connect" link.

Note: DePaul students conduct most of their administrative tasks through Campus Connect. When you establish your Campus Connect account and participate in any financial aid program (federal, state, institutional or private agency), you are consenting to conduct your business electronically with the Office of Financial Aid. Using Campus Connect is the fastest, most secure and accurate way to do so. If you cannot and/or do not wish to participate electronically, please contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your options.