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Loan Forms

Loan Master Promissory Notes (MPN)

If this is the first time you are borrowing a federal direct subsidized or unsubsidized loan at DePaul, you must complete an online electronic Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).

You must complete an online electronic PLUS Loan MPN if this is the first time you are borrowing a PLUS Loan at DePaul or if a different parent is now borrowing the PLUS Loan.

If this is the first time you are borrowing a Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan, you must complete an electronic Grad PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling

If you are a first-time Federal Direct Loan borrower, you must complete the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Session to learn your rights and responsibilities when borrowing student loans.

If you borrowed a Federal Direct Loan and are graduating or leaving DePaul, you are required to complete the Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling Session. During the exit counseling session, you will review your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.

If you have borrowed under the Federal Perkins Loan program, you will need to complete Perkins Loan exit counseling at University Accounting Service (UAS), the university's Federal Perkins loan servicer. Pay attention to all the information provided in your Perkins exit interview, and double check that all your information is current with UAS, as they will be handling the repayment of your Perkins Loan. Once you complete this required exit interview, our office will be automatically notified.

Loan Forms

Click here for information on how to apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan.

The online Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan Application is necessary to process your Graduate Student PLUS Loan or your request for additional Graduate Student PLUS Loan funds.

If you would like to be considered for this loan, please visit Campus Connect > View My Financial Aid > Award Acceptance to request your loan online after you receive your award notice. The Federal Direct Grad PLUS Application link will be at the bottom of your Award Acceptance page.

If you would like to cancel, reduce or adjust a student loan that has been offered as part of your financial aid award, you may do so by completing and submitting one of the Request to Adjust Federal Loans Forms to the Office of Financial Aid.

If loan funds have already been applied to your student account, please contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to submitting a loan adjustment form. Once a loan has been disbursed, we are limited in our ability to adjust your loan. If our office is able to change a loan amount that already has been disbursed, please keep in mind there may be a balance due to the university.

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