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Study Abroad Financial Aid

​Your first step in learning about study abroad opportunities at DePaul is to visit the Global Engagement website. There are two types of study abroad programs:

These programs allow you to study off-campus in an approved program through DePaul. This is the most common and often the most affordable study abroad option for DePaul students who are receiving financial aid, as funds apply to these programs.

These are programs not sponsored or offered through DePaul. They are typically offered by other universities or by external agencies. Financial aid opportunities are limited for these programs, and additional financial aid paperwork is always required once academic approval is obtained.

Study abroad counselors will guide you through the pre-approval processes required to make sure all your transfer credit is pre-approved and applicable to your degree.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

DePaul scholarships and grants generally apply to any approved DePaul sponsored study abroad program.  For additional study abroad scholarship opportunities, please visit The Office of Global Engagement website.

Student Loan Resources Available

Undergraduate Students:
Federal subsidized and unsubsidized student loans can be used to pay for study abroad programs. Additionally, parents of dependent undergraduate students often use the Federal Direct Parent Loan to help fund study abroad expenses.  Information about these loans, including application procedures, is available in the Federal Loans section of this website.

Graduate and Law Students:

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans are the most common student loan resources for graduate and professional study abroad opportunities. Graduate and Law students who are already receiving the maximums under the Direct Unsubsidized Loan program can often receive additional funding from the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan. Information about this loan, including application procedures, is available in the Federal PLUS Loan section of this website.

All Students:
Private educational lenders also offer loans for study abroad educational expenses.  For more information, please see the Private Loan section of this website.

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