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Resources for Parents

You want the best for your student — and the best value for their education. But navigating the waters of financial aid can feel like being lost at sea.

Let us steer you in the right direction. The staff of DePaul's Office of Financial Aid can help you find funding sources, answer questions about eligibility and strategize the best plan for your family.

We expect you to have questions, and we're here to answer them. Contact us.

  • Understand Cost of Attendance — Do you know how much it'll cost your student to attend DePaul? We've created budgets that represent typical costs for students based on anticipated enrollment, dependency status and living arrangements.
  • Types of Aid — Assistantships, federal loans, private loans, grants... There are a lot of options for financing your student's education. Explore them all here.
  • Apply for Aid — Has your student completed all the steps necessary to submit a FAFSA and be considered for financial aid? Follow our checklist.
  • Make an Appeal — If you've had a change in income, expenses or circumstances, you can submit an appeal for additional financial aid.
  • Receive Aid — Learn how — and when — aid will be disbursed to your student's account.
  • Maintain Eligibility — Certain academic progress requirements apply to financial aid recipients. Learn how your student can remain eligible for aid throughout their degree progress.
  • Manage Costs — Sticking to a budget is important. Learn about DePaul's payment plan options and budgeting resources.
  • Contact Us — We're always here to help. Give us a call, send us an email or stop by the office.